Nyata-kan Kebaikan

Discover how NYATA spreads goodness and change for the nation’s children

The Issue

The Ministry of Education and Culture noted that there were 157,000 elementary to high school students dropping out of school in the 2019/2020 school year. Most students who drop out of school are at the elementary school level as many as 59,400 students. This is where NYATA moves to help the goverment and Indonesian children to reduce the high dropout rate and hopes that Indonesian children will continue to get a proper education through several programs that NYATA has

No country can really develop unless its citizen are educated

- Nelson Mandela

What We Hold

Direct Giving

Donations given are directly channled to NYATA partner schools / other ongoing programs without going through intermediaries

Local Support

Participate in supporting the welfare of local communities in obtaining a decent wage and life

Operational Integrity

NYATA is proactive in ensuring that every ongoing activity and program can be carried out sustainably

Our Solution

Adik Asuh

Join us to be foster brother and sister and help the children reach a brigther future

Travel Charity

Help local livelihoods and economic communities while travel to explore the beauty of Indonesia

Act Of Kindness

Gives the good deeds to the school, organization, individual or community that in need